A Guide To: Vintage Watches

Vintage may not always have the reliability or durability of a modern purchase but what it does offer is charm, history, originality. While it is easy to pop down to the shopping centre and pick a brand new Tag Heuer or Breitling, it might not be long before you find someone else with the same watch. However, if you take a little time to find a vintage watch, it is more likely to turn heads and start conversations because of its uniqueness.

Many of these vintage watches have seen little change in their designs for more than half a century. Their timeless appeal is in stark contrast to modern smartwatches and handsets that become virtually worthless in a few years as new software developments make them obsolete. Yes, the vintage watch may lack some modern conveniences, like a quick set date or sapphire crystal, but the very idea of tool watches was solidified in the ’60s with watches like the  Rolex Submariner  and  Omega Speedmaster.  While I don’t doubt that modern technologies can produce a tougher watch, how tough does your watch really need to be? If it was good enough for SEALAB and NASA, it’s definitely not going to let you down.

There are some vintage watches that are very expensive. That is not to say that vintage watch collectors are relegated to the top percentile of the world’s richest people! Indeed there are many other models that are relatively affordable. One of the most important factors that will determine the price of a vintage model is of course the brand and rarity of the piece.

As well as brand name and rarity, a famous or perhaps, infamous connection can increase the desirability of a piece. A 1969 Rolex Oyster Daytona Paul Newman model sold for more than £610’000 even though it had never been worn by the star and was simply named after the model he wore in the 1970’s. Similarly, Steve McQueen’s Swiss Replica Tag Heuer Monaco watch worn during the film LeMans also sold for around £500’000 in 2012.

All in all, a vintage watch is a remarkable work of craftsmanship; if looked after properly it will bring joy to the wearer for many years.

Tag Heuer Watches: Reviews on Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph 45mm

tag heuer replica
tag heuer replica

The excellent chronograph design of this Carrera watch drawn from the TAG Heuer dashboard timer and the Carrera Mikrogirder concept watch, and the latter one won the highest honor – Aiguille d ‘Or in the Swiss watch making industry in Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in 2012. It is featuring the black watch dial with the sun-light carving grain effect, the Arabic numeral time scale and the Silver polishing external contour supplementary timer, whose inspirations all come from the classic timers and car racing aesthetics.

The watch case of 45 mm in diameter has been dealt with polishing, fine grinding stainless steel and titanium processing, and coated with the black titanium carbide coating on both side of the watch bezel. The smoky grey sapphire crystal watch back shows clearly the Tag Heuer homemade Calibre 1887 movement. The watch strap is the black crocodile texture with the soft feeling, which is also matched with the black titanium metal folding clasp and safety button. This wrist watch in all aspects is in the way of  breaking through the tradition to salute the TAG Heuer pursuit in perfect performance.

TAG Heuer engineers and watchmakers are more willing and brave to challenge movement rules, and replace the general structure of escapement with micro or magnets. All kinds of the excellent result of the manufacture of watches have made TAG Heuer step into the top Swiss watch manufacturing circle, and has been the elite of the Fondation DE la Haute Horlogerie, FHH.

Strong as Steve McQueen and wonderful as the world top events, the 2014 edition Monaco Calibre follows the style of Monaco series, the new Tag Heuer watch has the strong fashion style and bold dark appearance, Black titanium carbide coating watchcase and watch crown, and the black watch dial is matching with the white luminous time scale, comparative and bright red small second hand with black small watch dial – all make it unique and attractive.

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