Reviews on Swiss Luxury Watches Movements

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The first Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo was born in 1910 and in the 20th century, this series watches had many shapes, like square, rectangular, barrel. In 1930th, Patek Philippe didn’t make any Patek Philippe Gondolo watches. With global depression in 1930 s, the last patch of Patek Philippe Gondolo was sent to Brazil, and disappear since then. After being silent for over 70 years, Patek Philippe launched Gondole series watch and 5009, 5010, 5014 and 5024 to redisplay its new style. In 2007, Patek Philippe again released a 5098 Chronometro Gondole and caused a big shock to the world as this one brought the old styles to new watches.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse 5738P-001 is a big size watch and it is made of 18k blue gold on the dial and you can also see the Barton hand that is made of 18 k gold. The bright navy alligator belt makes the watch full of ocean style. Comparing to 3758, Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse has a much more delicate golden case. In 2008, in order to celebrate the legend Calatrava Golden Ellipe for 4o years, Patek Philippe promoted a platinum edition.

Compared with the 240movement movement of the Patek Philippe, IWC Calibre 85 movement contributes to solid watches. The strongest movement is a 80110 movement that IWC ever produced in 2005. It has the best performance on corrosion resistance and shock, as well as easy fixing. IWC 80111 is not only solid in side, but also elegant outside, and it is assembled in 3231, 3233 and 5461 watches. All of them have sapphire see-through case back through which you will appreciate the working mechanism of movement. The IWC Calibre 85 movement shows people authoritative automatic institutions designed by bielefeld t. It is an original design, like Prototype lycra 35 mm camera designed by Oskar Bamack which was completely successful.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on IWC Da Vinci IW376102 Watch

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The name of the Da Vinci watch comes from the genius Leonardo Da Vinci in Italian Renaissance Period, as we all know that he is the master of science and art. Few people know that he also played an important role in the history of evolution of clocks and watches. Here is a small story behind the Da Vinci watch, whose designer’s name is Hano Burtscher, it is said that he saw the discuss of the Da Vinci about the perpetual calendar, then draw the draft of the perpetual calendar movement, and after discussing with the master of tabulation Kurt Klaus again, they worked together to create the world famous Da Vinci watches.

The IWC Da Vinci digital calendar series of phases of the moon IW376102 man mechanical watch makes the Cal. 89360 coaxial to calculate movement as the foundation, therefore it has face plate configuration  which is very different with other timing calendar watches, including different big date and month display window. This watch case line is complicated, the shell body is hard and heavy, watch bezel is smooth – all of these make the comparison is very intense. The timing button is very big and easily pressed, which is a modern design consideration. Compared with most of the calendar watches, the face plate of the IW376102 is relatively tidy and simplified, and it seems fresh and cool on time reading; Compared with timing calendar watches it is absolutely superior, as other calendar watches currently on the market almost cannot avoid the problem of face plate of heavy and complicated to be not easy to read time.

The IWC Da Vinci IW376102 men’s watch adopts the single open folding buckle. Single open folding buckle is almost inevitable choice for the top belt watches. The buckle is a small private accessory only for the wearer to appreciate. A good watch is exquisite on both overall and details.

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